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Here comes the end – 2013


2013 I started a project called “52 Weeks Project”; every week I upload a photo.

I didn’t had a subject for that project, but now I think I have one “Journey, and Experiences”

Thank you 2013:

  • I traveled and went on insane adventures.
  • I met new people, and I made great memories.
  • I experienced.
  • I learnt a lot.
  • I read.
  • I’ve been taught several lessons.
  • I wrote more.
  • I improved my fitness level.
  • I challenged myself to improve, regarding health, work and knowledge.

And now, I strive to be BETTER.. So, Let’s all work on that.. that’s why 2014 is here! :-)


Anyways, Here is the link to my 52 Weeks Project on Flickr, Hope you enjoy it:

Wish you a Happy New Year; and Never stop shooting :)

52 Weekly Project – 2013

يوم واحد ونُرحّب بالسنه الجديدة! هل فكّرت ببدأ مشروع 365 مع بداية السنه الجديدة؟ (365 يوم = 365 صورة) :)

كوني مشغول، فقررت البدء بإذن الله بمشروع (صورة كل اسبوع) من السنه الجديده، ولمدة سنه كاملة – 52 اسبوع في السنه = 52 صورة في السنه

Is it the time to be creative? Well, there is no specific time for creativity. What you need is courage to unleash your imagination, therefore, create your own world and memories.

Hopefully, I’m going to start my 1st 52 Weeks Project this year, 2013.

52 Weeks = 52 Photos (a Photo per Week)

What are you waiting for? Comment if you are going to join; let’s see your photos :-)

 Here is my Project on flickr.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

One Year In 40 Seconds

Lay back; turn the video to 720p Highest Resolution HD; Put on your headphones and enjoy :)

For information: http://eirikso.com/2008/12/27/one-year-worth-of-images-give-some-amazing-videos/