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Michron – Timelapse for Everyone

A great, tiny, small.. easy to configure Time-Lapse device for your Camera! – Q8ieng

An affordable, user-inspired timelapse device for beginning and advanced photographers.




Project is on Kickstarter

Hands-on Radian – Motion Time-lapse Device

Finally! Since November 2012; I finally received my Radian (Black Edition).. So far so good, I’m charging it currently and will put it to test.

I can now make motion time-lapse videos :D

It can be simply adjusted using an iPhone/Android App

Manual: Click Here

Here is a video:

Photos I took of my Radian:






Stay tuned for a time-lapse test :D

Happy Weekend!



Empty America – Time-Lapse

Time-Lapse series imagining empty cities of the US.

San Francisco:

San Francisco Time Lapse (Empty America)


Seattle Time Lapse (Empty America)

Thanks @7amanito for this great share :))

Breathtaking Time-Lapse

Turn HD ON; Full screen mode and enjoy this breathtaking time-lapse. The music is awesome too! :)

A collection of timelapse, hyperlapse and tilt-shift photography by Ben Wiggins. Wiggins was able to capture motion without sacrificing detail. The song isThe Alley by DeVotchKa. Best watched full-screen.



One Year In 40 Seconds

Lay back; turn the video to 720p Highest Resolution HD; Put on your headphones and enjoy :)

For information: http://eirikso.com/2008/12/27/one-year-worth-of-images-give-some-amazing-videos/


Radian: Motion Time-Lapse Device For Everyone

I mentioned earlier a similar Astro device which does quite the same thing; but I was somehow confused on which is the best for me! They do the same thing, but which one is the most reliable and high quality?

I hesitated to pledge on Astro project because Radian device does the same thing + it is cheaper + it got featured on many websites/blogs.

I guess I made up my mind and I pledged for the Radian project, correct me if I’m wrong with my choice.

Ultra-simple and ultra-affordable. Feature rich. Pans AND tilts. The best way to create beautiful time lapses with your camera. Period.

Radian: a motion time-lapse device for everyone