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Hyperlapse – Learn More About It

Few weeks ago, I was reading on the internet different articles about Photography, and then I came across something called “Hyperlapse“.

It’s time lapse photography, on steroids!

I started my research, and I found out that it is really amazing if applied to several projects or ideas.

Here is a Video from DigitalRev TV :

How to do Hyperlapse Photography

And here are some useful resources if you want to read/explore more:

Happy Shooting :)


In case you haven’t seen this time-lapse of San Francisco that’s been floating around the internet, watch it now!

Adrift took Simon Christen almost two years to gather the footage for this beautiful film.


Great footage, Have a nice weekend :)

Hands-on Radian – Motion Time-lapse Device

Finally! Since November 2012; I finally received my Radian (Black Edition).. So far so good, I’m charging it currently and will put it to test.

I can now make motion time-lapse videos :D

It can be simply adjusted using an iPhone/Android App

Manual: Click Here

Here is a video:

Photos I took of my Radian:






Stay tuned for a time-lapse test :D

Happy Weekend!



Timelapse Playback in Camera!

طريقة تشغيل التايم لابس بالكاميرا.. لازم تقوم بعمل جيلبريك لكاميرتك، لمعلومات أكثر عن الجيلبريك قم بزيارة هذا الرابط

اذا احتجت لتوضيح، أضف سؤالك بالتعليق وسأقوم بالرد، او راسلني بتويتر @q8ieng :)

Play your Timelapse right from your Camera! Yes, you can do that my friend when you Jailbreak your camera! All info about Jailbreaking can be found in here.


[ Hisoka ] ML on Canon Eos 5Dc with timelapse playback

Another preview on Vimeo!

Enjoy! :-)

TimeLapse – Mountains Aglow

Turn the HD on, volume up, and enjoy!

This film takes place at Mt. Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest in the Northern Cascades. It showcases Mt. Baker, Mt. Shuksan and the surrounding area.

At 0:29 the Half Moon starts to light up Mt. Baker and the rest of Iceberg Lake

At 0:39 is when the Northern Lights start acting up! It was a pleasant surprise to see the Aurora this far south!

The gear that was used for this film includes:
Canon 5d mark ii
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8
Canon 70-200 f/4

Enjoy this stunning views :)

Empty America – Time-Lapse

Time-Lapse series imagining empty cities of the US.

San Francisco:

San Francisco Time Lapse (Empty America)


Seattle Time Lapse (Empty America)

Thanks @7amanito for this great share :))