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Featured on 500px Blog!

استغربت في الأيام القليله الماضيه وحالياً بزيارات كبيره على صُوري في موقع 500px بحثت في قوقل لعلّي أجد السبب،

ولاحظت أن مُدوّنة 500px قامت بنشر صورتين من صُوري التي التقطتها بالآيفون.. سُعدتُ بحق، الحمدلله :)

التويته (في الاسفل) قاموا بكتابتها عن تصوير المحمول Phone Photography واختاروا أفضل الصور..

في الأسفل ستجدون البرامج التي أستخدمها في تصوير الآيفون، والصور التي اختاروها في تدوينتهم!

شكراً 500px وشكراً لكم على الدعم بـ تعليقاتكم ورسائلكم :)

These days I noticed an increased number in “Likes” in my 500px profile; I went to google and searched..

Well, I found that “500px Blog” posted a blog “Discover: Phone Photography

and they posted two of my photos. That made my day :)



My featured photos are:

I use for my Phone Photography:

Thanks 500px; and thank you guys for the support you showed through likes/comments.. :)

[Briefly] Apple Conference, What Happened?

Here is how I’m going to write this post:

  • I will share what happened briefly.
  • I will share my own opinion.
  • You can share the post with your friends via Twitter, Facebook…etc :-)

iPhone 5:


  • Thinner by 18%
  • Lighter by 20%
  • Less Volume by 12%
  • Ultrafast Wireless
  • LTE
  • A6 Chip processor; Graphics and Performance = Twice faster
  • New iPhone cable 8-signal; and Adapter for old cables to work with iPhone 5.
  • 4-inch Retina Display
  • iSight Camera; Shoots Panorama as well 8MP
  • Facetime is now available for cellular connection if Wi-Fi isn’t available
  • Enhanced HD video recording; 1080p
  • iOS 6
  • Nano Sim Card
  • New Headphones Design; they are called now (EarPods)
  • Specs


  • Better search
  • New Music lists
  • Totally new design; re-modeled
  • Ease of use
  • Redesigned player
  • Expanded View; for Music
  • Mini Player
  • Whole new design for iDevices

iOS 6:

  • Better Maps designed by Apple with Satellite mode
  • Better updated Siri; Sports, Movies and Restaurants!
  • Integrated Facebook throughout iOS 6
  • Share Photos with your friends using “Photos Stream”
  • “Passbook”; Just the Ticket, Boarding Pass, Card and Coupon!
  • Facetime; much better
  • Phone; Send to Voice mail, Reply with message, or Remind me Later!
  • Mail; Now you can assign VIP addresses and their emails will be delivered to a special Inbox!
  • Safari; Experience the joy while exploring the web
  • Camera with Panorama
  • Remodeled Stores
  • Compatible with: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5; iPod touch 4th generation and the 5th; iPad 2 and the New iPad!

iPod Touch:

  • Slim: 0.24 inch
  • Weight: 88 grams
  • 4-inch Retina Display
  • iSight Camera; 5MP
  • iOS 6
  • Siri
  • All-new Headphones (EarPods)
  • Dual-core A5 Chip
  • 5 Different Colours
  • 32GB or 64GB
  • Battery up to 40 hours (Music Playback Time).

iPod Nano:

  • New Body; Same Soul!
  • 2.5 inch-multi-touch screen
  • Video
  • Bluetooth
  • Radio
  • 7 Different colours
  • All-new EarPods
  • Lightning Connector
  • Fitness app; Feel the beat and Burn!


Visit the Apple Store: Over Here!

My Opinion:

That’s what I said on Twitter: “One more thing: We failed.”

Back Home!

“Just arrived to Kuwait after I had spent the last 10 days in UK. My cousin got married and I’ve attended the wedding + visited few places that put a smile on my face and filled my heart with joy! Lovely places!
I started my little journey by visiting (Leeds Castle, Kent) great Castle, great place, great weather, lovely lake spent a night 21st-22nd then I moved to (Bath Spa) a very beautiful city, Old Roman; spent a night 22nd-23rd then I took a flight to (Glasgow, Scotland) iLove; spent 2 nights 23rd-25th then I moved up north to Strathaven Hotel for the wedding stayed for 2 nights 25th-27th. Finally, it is the way back home: Glasgow, Bath, then Heathrow. Arrived home 29th of August.”

Was so much fun; took so many photos; enjoyed my coffee; visited so many beautiful places; witnessed lovely street shows; and I almost forgot Congratulation my dear cousin, that was a beautiful wedding and I was really happy to record the wedding + doing the montage.

Stay tuned for more photos; 457 photos in total :-)

Will be available on Flickr and Instagram.

For this trip I used: Canon 60D + Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Flektogon Red MC electric 35mm f/2.4 + Canon 15mm f\2.8 Fisheye wide angle.



Everyone Wears A Gas Mask

The Town where everyone wears a Gas Mask. Miyakejima, a small island located in southeast Japan.

I like this Photograph! (Click on the Image for Original Size)

Found at All That Is Interesting

The Way to Film Photography, Let’s Get Back 100 years Ago!

Let’s first start with this Photo, before we get into details: *It is my own Camera! It looks gorgeous, Don’t you agree?* :)

You gotta love it, once you start it!

That is what I’m going to talk about in this post; Old, Vintage, and Antique Cameras!

  • Something that is over 100 years old and you’re using it right now! It’s like having a time-machine that brought to you “Trojan Horse” to play around with it!
  • Something that you will really enjoy and find the joy into it, once you start using it!
  • It is about knowing photography more; How exposure works?; How negatives form?; How to process an old film?; How.. How and even more How’s in that!

It’s all started when I’ve been in Chicago for 6 months. I got this internship, and I was lucky to get it!

Since I was into photography, I thought of buying old really OLD Cameras from ebay! I kept looking, and I bought some! Then I thought of testing those lovely looking cameras that I got! I start getting the manuals from the internet, I kept looking, I found the film types that each camera uses. I started purchasing those film types! Non-stopping, man, you gotta love it once you start it!

Now, after I got back to my country. I rested for like a month, but now I’m getting back to it. I got my Chemicals ready, I got my films, I got my Cameras, I got my passionate about it, I got almost everything that I need!

This thing taught me a lot of things about photography:

  • It taught me how to measure the exposure/ISO/shutter-speed/aperture manually!
  • It taught me how to process an old film and how to use the right Chemicals; How to Re-spool a film, too!
  • It taught me how the photos actually form!
  • It taught me how Photography has been developed/improved over the years!
  • It taught me how to create my own Darkroom!

Here are some of the negatives I got after processing two different films, as an experiment:

  • This is my 1st attempt: *Only one out of the 12 negatives, is clear!*

  •  This is my 2nd attempt: *Looks better than the 1st attempt, don’t you agree?*

So for now, I’m waiting my scanner “Epson V500” an easy way to convert Negatives to Photos and scan them to your computer!
Till then, If you got any question regarding this, I’d be happy to help and to provide tips.
Leave your comment and I will be happy to assist you in this field :)