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Welding Glass Neutral Density Filter – How to Remove Colour Cast?

As I have received some emails, of photographers asking me to explain in details how to remove the Colour Cast caused by using Welding Glass for Long Exposure..

Here is a tutorial on how to do it, efficiently.. on Youtube:

Welding Glass Neutral Density Filter – How to Remove Colour Cast

Article on How to Shoot Long Exposure Using Welding Glass

Example of Long Exposure – Welding Glass

Happy shooting :)

[How-to] Preview RAW Straight from Windows Explorer

كنت أبحث عن حل لعرض ملفات الـ RAW على الويندوز بدلاً من فتحها واحده تلو الأخرى على الفوتوشوب للمعاينة، وجدت هذا الحل من Windows لعرض ملفات الـ RAW مباشرة من المجلد دون الحاجه الى فتحها في برنامج الفوتوشوب او الـ Lightroom

Fellow photographers, rejoice! After a quick codec pack download, those of you running Windows 7 or Vista should be able to preview RAW files straight from Windows Explorer.





Download the codec supports 64bit and 32bit

Aperture Photography Fundamentals

Great book to Understand Aperture more, How Digital Cameras Capture ImagesHow Digital Images Are Displayed, and Understanding Resolution.

47 pages; 4 Chapters; Size: 2.4MB


A page from the contents list:

Download Here.

Source Apple.