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“It started from there..” – Little Project

I’m back from France! Was a lovely 10 days vacation.

Beautiful, wonderful, breathtaking, magnificent, astonishing views and places =)

I will be posting my France Photos, as a Short-Story. Where I started, and where it ended!

First Photo: “From here it started..”


This new little project will be on 500px and Instagram, so please follow me on either to enjoy the journey to France as I did :)

Hope you enjoy it :)

Tweets at Specific Places?

مشروع بسيط اشتغلت عليه، والآن قد حصل على تصميم يليق به! فكرة المشروع بسيطة جدّا ومفيدة أيضاً.

هل فكّرت يوماً في قراءة التويتات التي تكتب حالياً في باريس مثلاً؟ أو في مطعم معيّن تريد تجربته؟

اختار المكان من على الخريطة او من خلال مربّع البحث، و من ثمّ اضغط ENTER وستظهر لك التويتات التي كُتبت في ذاك المكان! :-)

Have you ever thought of retrieving tweets at specific locations? Like do you want to check what are the people talking about in Paris? or London Eye maybe?

I’ve started this project and now I got a whole new layout for it. Now it looks clearer + easier to use.

Just go to the map, point at the place you want or use the search to look for the specific place you want, then hit ENTER. As simple, as getting cookies out of the jar :-)

Visit: www.lazqa.com

Download Google Chrome extension: Lazqa


Shadows & Shades Make Magnificent Shapes!

Having a lunch while sitting in place where shadows, shades and lovely sun rays exist will definitely make my day!

From all those shadows and shades I saw, a specific place caught my eyes it formed a lovely shape! I smiled and felt relieved once I saw it, totally overwhelming!

I took this photo! What do you think?
I wished for a Pianist at that place..

– Posted by Samsung Galaxy Note

Shadows and Shades make magnificent Shapes!