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Photosynth vs. AutoStitch – App Recommendation

I have been using Photosynth for so long; I fell in love with it! Suddenly, AutoStitch came in and stole my heart.

Here is a comparison between these two great apps.


Sample 1



Cropped at 100%




Sample 2


Cropped at 100%




Sample 1


Cropped at 100%



Sample 2


Cropped at 100%


Update 30/12/2012

From the Panoramas above, Autostitch is FAR better than Photosynth in Quality; BUT so sad Autostitch limits you to 40 photos, while Photosynth doesn’t give you that limit. So for creating Tiny Planets, you need more than 40 photos for a 360-View, hence, I recommend Photosynth in that case.

Here is my Profile in Photosynth website, to see other Panoramas I shot during my travels:

Q8ieng Photosynth Profile

Here is a Panorama that I shot earlier this morning, using AutoStitch:

Over here

Happy shooting! :)

Create Stunning Tiny Planets Using Your iPhone/Android – App Recommendation

In the past few weeks, I had the time to experience (TinyPlanet) app for the iPhone. After many tests, I finally came into great results and I found out (the secret) on how to end up with stunning results.

What you need?

1- Photosynth app (or any other app that allows you to create Panoramas; the new iOS6 allows you to create Panorama using the camera app).

2- Tiny Planet app.

3- Breathtaking views (beautiful places).

4- Android users use: Tiny Planet FX

Let’s roll:

1- Using Photosynth; create a 360 view (or a simple Panorama), example:

2- After Cropping:

3- Open Tiny Planet app, load the image and wait for the magic:

My other tiny planets:

Have fun, Start creating your own little planets! :)

Project – Parts Of Scotland in 360 View!

My last vacation was to spend 10 days in UK, 8 of them in Scotland.

I thought of starting a project that I shoot 360 view for things I loved in Scotland; to be honest I loved everything! Sadly, I didn’t make too many 3D’s.

Anyways, you can visit my profile on Photosynth to view all 360 views:

كانت رحلتي الأخيرة إلى سكوتلاندا – قررت أصوّر صور بانوراميّة (بزاوية 360 درجة) لأفضل المناظر التي شاهدتها، سواء كانت معمارية او طبيعية!

بملفي الشخصي في موقع Photosynth ستجدون الصور كاملة، للأسف لم ألتقط الكثير. لكن أتمنى أن تعجبكم :-)

Enjoy :-)
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