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Make Your Own 3D Camera

Have ever thought of taking 3D Photos?

It’s pretty easy, and fun to do.. also, very cheap.

What do you need?

  • Two Disposable Cameras
  • Duct Tape

Tape both Cameras like this photo:

(one of them should be upside-down)


Since the lenses are about 4 inches apart and human eyes are usually 2.5 to 3 inches apart, the 3D effect won’t be perfect. And besides, it’s a disposable camera, so treat it as a toy and just have a good time.


  • Having subjects in the foreground and the background will show more of the 3D effect.
  • Just like any good 3D horror movie, the best shots show something coming out of the picture at you.
  • Remember that the cameras won’t focus closer than about three feet.
  • If you need to use flash, turn on the flashes for both cameras and expect things to come out a little weird.

Happy Shooting! :)


Create Stunning Instagram Videos

Create stunning Instagram videos, think of unique ideas.. Use creative transitions.

Try to Google Instagram videos, and learn from others:

  • How did they shot their videos?
  • What apps did they use?
  • What scenario did they use?

And then, you’ll be able to invent new creative ideas, using and building on the ideas you’ve already seen.


This Video Has Been Shot Entirely using Instagram


That means each frame was shot through the app and then edited together similar to a stop-motion. It’s a music video for The Plastics Revolution, shot in San Francisco by Arturo Perez Jr. (via)

Here is another example:


Read this article to get more creative; Pro-Tips for Shooting Better Instagram Videos

Happy Shooting! :)

DIY – Steel Wool LightPainting

A great Photography project for the upcoming weekend, I guess!




Let’s do this!

What do you need?

  1. Steel wool
  2. Whisk
  3. Flexible Wire
  4. Wire cutter
  5. Lighter
  6. Protective gloves, clothing and goggles



Step 1: Load the Wool in the Whisk


Step 2: Tie them up


Step 3: Pick the perfect location

Step 4: Set up your Camera, ignite the Wool and SPIN!


Step 5: Enjoy shooting and unleash your creativity :D

(via Photojojo, DIYPhotography and LightPainting Blog)

Some Great Photo Gears

Who doesn’t love new gears? Especially the creative/innovative/attractive ones!

While I was looking at Pinterest and Google, I have found those lovely gears.

CineSkates System

CineSkates are a set of three wheels that quickly attach to a tripod and enable filmmakers to capture fluid, moving video footage without lugging heavy gear.

La Sardina Camera & Flash – Belle Starr

 Looking for a camera to go along with you on your analogue exploits? Hit the trail with La Sardina Belle Starr! With an oxidized metal body and ornate decorations, this camera and flash package calls to mind images of the Old West and is ready to take you on a wild wide-angle ride!

Roberu Camera Holster

Glide Strap for Cameras

The Shootsac

Seat Belt Camera Strap

Lovely gears, aren’t they? :)

Share your thoughts.

The Stenoflex: A Darkroom + Camera in a Box

Fantastic! I just found this on Photojojo website. Portable Darkroom supplements and a pinhole camera!

A portable darkroom & camera all in one cleverly designed box

Designed and hand assembled in France, it’s a miniature photo lab that lets you shoot and develop a photo all in one clever box.

Just how clever is it? Shooting and developing only takes 3 steps. 1) Slip photo paper into provided holder and place in the box. 2) Expose the photo via a pinhole in the top of the box. 3) Steep the photo in the provided developer and fix.

Visit to learn more..