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Paris, For you!

Morning, fellas!

Here is a Wallpaper for your Smart Phones, Paris in Swirly Bokeh.

Original size; and SOOC


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I’m heading now to Greece; a quick vacation, a Photographer needs :)

Happy Shooting :)

“It started from there..” – Little Project

I’m back from France! Was a lovely 10 days vacation.

Beautiful, wonderful, breathtaking, magnificent, astonishing views and places =)

I will be posting my France Photos, as a Short-Story. Where I started, and where it ended!

First Photo: “From here it started..”


This new little project will be on 500px and Instagram, so please follow me on either to enjoy the journey to France as I did :)

Hope you enjoy it :)

Same Spots In Paris 100 Years Apart

مناطق من باريس، صورها قبل 100 عام..

French news site Rue89 has an interactive photo set that shows various buildings and intersections in Paris from the vantage point of today compared to a hundred years ago. Here is a sampling…

Porte Saint-Denis



Passage du Caire



Rue d’Aboukir



Rue Basfroi



Rue Puget – Rue Lepic



(via Kottke)

Stunning Planet Panoramas

These interesting photos go by various namings –polar panoramapanorama and polarlittle planet,planet panoramas360 degree panorama, etc but they all mean the same thing. It is created with a panorama photo.


City of Vaxjo, Sweden
source: awesomenator

Baroque Planet
by Simon The Fox

The Planet of Detroit
by firelog1970

The 99th Planet 
by jeckham

by olliollio

Berlin Alex Polar Pano
by suckup

Planet New York :: Central Park
by Sam Rohn

Planet Taj Mahal
by Manu

Like a butterfly
by Manu

Planet Saint Germain
by Seb Przd

How To Create One?

Create your very own planet!