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Exbel – App Recommendation

برنامج ممتاز لدمج الصور، وتكوين صور رائعه.. من برمجة أخونا ياسر الماجد

Craft your photos; create stunning yet amazing shapes and “double exposure” perspective – Exbel

Create something unique and mind blowing; try to be creative with this app to create astonishing results.




How to use the App:


Exbel – is available on the AppStore currently.

Price: 0.99$

Happy shooting! :)

[Briefly] Multiple Exposures vs. Single Exposure

متى تلتقط عدة صور لتدمجهم الى صورة نهائية Multiple Exposures، ومتى تكتفي بصورة واحدة Single Exposure؟

الكثير يقوم بالخلط بين هذين الفهمين، سأقوم بشرح كُلٍ منها ليتضّح لك مفهوم كل مصطلح (وبالنهايه التجربة والتصوير والفكرة هي ملكً لك):

Multiple Exposures: نلجأ الى هذا النوع (التقاط صور عديدة، ودمجهم للحصول على صورة نهائية مميزة) عندما نُريد ان نصور منظر بشكل عام (مثال: ديكور سيّارة، مباني مع غيوم، ديكور وزخرفات أحد الكنائس…إلخ). هنا نهتم بتفاصيل الصورة أكثر، وبالتالي عندما نلتقط أكثر من صورة، سنحصل على تفاصيل أكثر.. مما تزيد من جمال الصورة

Single Exposure: نلجأ الى هذا النوع، عندما نملُك قصّه نُريد أن نرويها للمشاهد! (مثال: رجل يقرأ كتاب أسفل شجرة مع تساقط أوراق الشجر) في هذه الحالة لا نهتم الى “التفاصيل” كوننا نُريد توصيل “القصه”، ولا تهمنّا التفاصيل، مايُهمّنا هنا هو الشخص نفسه وليس المنظر بأكمله! (لأنك لا تُريد ان تَضيع القصّه بين التفاصيل الأخرى، الغير مهمه).

بالأسفل ستجد أمثلة.. وبالأخير تذكّر انك تستطيع التجربه، وبالتجربه ستتضّح الكثير من الأمور :)

When do we use Multiple Exposures? When do we use Single Exposure?

According to my perspective;

Use Multiple Exposures to seek for details in general (e.g. Church Interior, Car Interior, Buildings and Clouds), applied to HDR as well. If you do not have a specific subject that you want to demonstrate/focus on then go for Multiple Exposures.

Use Single Exposure when you want to focus on a specific subject, to demonstrate it even better in the picture (e.g. Pianist in public, A man reading a book under a tree, maybe!); here we do not want to show all the details around the subject (we do not want to distract the people who’re looking at our photo), rather, we need to focus on the object itself. Also, it depends on your idea.

Got confused what to choose? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want to show? (a Subject, or a Scene?)
  • Do I have a specific story to tell? (usually for stories we have a specific object to shoot; therefore, we use Single Exposure)
  • Do I have a specific subject that I want to focus on? (if YES, then go for Single Exposure)
  • Do I have a scenery view? (if YES, go for Multiple Exposures)
  • Do I want to shoot HDR? (if YES, then go for Multiple Exposures)

At last, it is your own perspective.. you can always use both if you want to.


Multiple Exposures:


Here I took 4 exposures, applied HDR using Photomatix and then change it to Black and White



Single Exposure:

Here I used only one exposure, because I have a story to tell. I care about (Free Kuwait sign) more than the details in the whole scene!



I wanted to show the bird at the top + the writings on the bridge, I do not care about the details of the buildings from behind!

A Bird At Da Top!


Remember, it is your own perspective. Choose whatever makes you happy! But never stop shooting :)

Double Exposure Photoshop Tutorial

Yes, you can create your own stunning Double Exposures using Photoshop. The results will be insane, if you got your own perspective.

Here is one of the results, that I think is outstanding:

By merging these two images:

1- Load two images in Photoshop.

2- Click on the 1st layer, and apply Mask:

3- Go to “image” menu, and choose “Apply Image…”

4- Choose these settings (make sure the multiple photos look great, you can invert the merging by checking Invert box):

5- When you’re done. Hit OK and you’re good to go.

6- You can apply Black and White/ or any other effect you like, add your touch.

Remember, multiple exposures technique needs creativity.. Show us what you got

Post your experience/comment below as well :)

Multiple Exposure – Hipstamatic – App Recommendation

Double exposures using Hipstamatic? Yes, you can. Marvelous results; you’ll get too.

The new update of Hipstamatic features Multiple Exposures pack.

At last I got the time to test this new feature out.

– Here is the “Multiple Exposure Manual” by Hipstamatic:

– Here are some of my attempts:

Me Glasses..

“A story of two lovers; they got old together; they saw the life together; they lived a love story! A life..”

Wonderful world..

 – Double Exposures taken by others:

by @iSoarDreams

Osprey flight – by @BillPutnamPhoto

by @csttsn

The carpet of Turin by @geoffmatheson

Hope you enjoyed! Start shooting Multiple Exposure and be creative! :))

Double Exposure Portraits

Great found! Creativity and Photography when they go together; they strike the observers with beauty!

The images shown were all created “in camera”.
Post production work consisted of a change in tone,
the removal of odd blemishes & the addition of some vector.
All feedback welcome.
Thank you!