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Swirly Bokeh

Searching, studying, and experimenting on how “Swirly Bokeh” (aka Cat’s Eye Effect)  form, it’s been two days and now I can conclude what I’ve found.


Swirly Bokeh (Cat’s eye effect); because the Bokeh is making a circular shape.

How Does it Form?

I will list the “recipe” as points, so you can understand easily (of I what I’ve read, and experienced):

  • You need Bokeh in the background, so that you’ll be able to see the “Swirl” effect (e.g. Keyboard, Grass, Bokeh of light coming between the leaves)
  • If the background is plain, lined, or lacks Bokeh then you’ll never have it (e.g. background is PC Screen, Walls)
  • Stick to focus range between 0.6 to 1 (if you go 0.5 or more than 1 you’ll hardly see it; you don’t get so close, and you don’t keep a big distance)

My Helios 44M-4 after experimenting

References – How it Forms:


This list contains some of the lenses that can produce that “Swirly Bokeh“:  *references below

  • Helios 40-2
  • Helios 44 F2 (Any Helios 44)
  • Helios 44M (I have Helios 44M-4)
  • Helios Cyclops 85mm F1.5
  • Helios Cyclops 85mm F1.2
  • Minolta MC Rokkor PF 50mm F1.7
  • Ziess Biotar 75/1.5
  • and others… But these are the famous ones, especially (Helios, made in USSR – Zenit cameras)

If you do not want to buy any lens, then try this Hack/Mod: (I didn’t test it)

My Helios

References – Lenses:

Let me first start with what I’ve found (by experimenting), then I will list some websites that I’ve read about this kind of Bokeh.


(experimenting using Helios 44M-4 mounted on Canon 5D classic)

Focusing at 0.6





Focusing at ~1





Focusing at 0.5 (no Swirl, or hardly noticed)


Now, if you want to learn more I suggest you read these references that I’ve found while searching:

That’s pretty much it, after I had experimented.. I need to sleep..

Happy shooting! :)

What Is In My Minolta XE-7 Bag?

Recently, I have purchased “Minolta XE-7” and here is what in my “Minolta XE-7 Bag”:

*Click on the image to see the whole list + names of the gear

Minolta Original Leather Bag
Macro lens 75mm f/3.5 + the box.
Vivitar Polarizing Filter 55mm
Auto Tele Converter
Minolta 50mm f/1.4 Lens
Lens cap
T mount Adapter
Eyepiece Critical Focuser
Reverse Adapter 55mm T
Spiratone Adapter Ring 52mm
Lens Hood 55mm
Spiratone 52mm
Vivitar Manual
Portrait set-up and Key for the bag
Kodak Lens Cleaning Papers
Spare Batteries
Minolta XE-7
Spiratone T Flange for Minolta
Spiratone T Adapter for Minolta
Wide Angle Lens 0.5x
Flash Case
Minolta Flash AUTO 280
Wide Angle Flash Adapter
Kodak Master Photoguide
Other Intro papers
Minolta Manuals
Flash Manual
Warranty expired on 7/1998
Film roll
Release Shutter Wire

That is what is in my Minolta XE-7 bag :)

To view the whole list, visit this LINK.