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Photography Cheat Sheets You’ll Find Useful

I ran into several websites, Pinterest, StumbleUpon…etc and tried to pick the best among the whole cheat sheets are out there..

Hope they’ll help you in establishing a good understanding of the photography basics and non-basic stuffs.

– Click on the image to enlarge




DCM125.shoot_basics.indd Exposure-Guide2


Happy shooting :)

My Petzval Lens!

Finally, I got my Petzval Lens and I cannot wait to test it, and take it for a ride to shoot! ;D


Here is “What’s in the Box?”






I will try to shoot with it these days, if not, then wait for my Trip to France.. I will definitely take it with me :-)

Thanks Lomography

Happy Shooting, fellas! :)

Multiple Exposure – Hipstamatic – App Recommendation

Double exposures using Hipstamatic? Yes, you can. Marvelous results; you’ll get too.

The new update of Hipstamatic features Multiple Exposures pack.

At last I got the time to test this new feature out.

– Here is the “Multiple Exposure Manual” by Hipstamatic:

– Here are some of my attempts:

Me Glasses..

“A story of two lovers; they got old together; they saw the life together; they lived a love story! A life..”

Wonderful world..

 – Double Exposures taken by others:

by @iSoarDreams

Osprey flight – by @BillPutnamPhoto

by @csttsn

The carpet of Turin by @geoffmatheson

Hope you enjoyed! Start shooting Multiple Exposure and be creative! :))

Old Camera Manuals

Do you have an old vintage camera and you don’t know how to test or use it?

Do you need the official manual for your old camera?

Visit the Online Library, and get your old camera’s manual for free in PDF format :-)

They accept donation, in case you wanted to keep them alive.