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Earphone as Shutter Release!

Do you want to take photos from distance? Or Do you want to take more steady shots?

How about using your iPhone’s Earphone as a Shutter Trigger?

Either a Bluetooth headset, or the normal iPhone Earphone.

Press the Volume Button to take a shot, and have fun! :)


You can even cut the earphone, and still use the volume button as shutter release:


Happy shooting! :)

Geotag Without a GPS Camera

مو شرط كاميرتك تكون فيها خاصية الـGPS لحفظ الاحداثيات على صُورك التي تلتقطها،

اتّبع هذه الخطوات، لكي تحفظ الاحداثيات على صورك دون الحاجه إلى استخدام كاميرا فيها GPS

1- قم بتحميل برنامج GPX Master للايفون، او برنامج Route Tracker للاندرويد

2- قُم بضبط التوقيت بين جهازك وكاميرتك (يجب أن يكون الوقت في الكاميرا نفس جهازك)

3- الآن قُم بالتصوير

4- عند الانتهاء، افتح كمبيوترك.. واستخدم برنامج يستعمل ملفات GPX ليربط الإحداثيات على صُورك عن طريق الوقت

5- برنامجي Adobe Aperture و Adobe Lightroom فيهم هذه الخاصيه، تستطيع استخدامهم وسيتم دمج الاحداثيات على صورك عن طريق الوقت


You do not need a camera with GPS feature;

follow these steps to Geotag your photos without using a GPS Camera.

  1. Download this app for iPhoneGPX Master OR for Android: Route Tracker
  2. Sync the time between your Camera and your iPhone (they must have the same time)
  3. Now, keep your iPhone in your pocket
  4. Start shooting with your Camera
  5. Once you’ve done, get back to your PC
  6. Use a software that uses GPX file and Geotag your photos based on the time you took the photo
  7. Adobe Aperture and Adobe Lightroom have this feature built-in

That’s all folks!

Happy shooting :)

A Picture Can Speak Out Loud!

Pictures can speak. Sometimes when they speak, they speak loud and clear!

1. When Hope Dies

2. A Miracle!

Little boy is going to ask Santa for his father returns from Iraq. He does not know that his wish will come true right now…

3. Feats are Priceless

4. Love For Enemies!

5. Farewell

6. Grandma’s Care. Ears were freezing

7. There is no age for Love!

8. Smoking Harms

9. They Can Be Friends!

”My 3-year-old son Charlie, – said by the author of the photo Blake Zickefoose, Kid love his friend caterpillar.

10. A Life!

11. Time Passes

12. How Painful This Life Can Be!

Life is a combination of Happy moments and Sad moments. Happy moments can make us cry; Sad moments can do that too!

The question is: “What moments should we keep?”