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My Petzval Lens!

Finally, I got my Petzval Lens and I cannot wait to test it, and take it for a ride to shoot! ;D


Here is “What’s in the Box?”






I will try to shoot with it these days, if not, then wait for my Trip to France.. I will definitely take it with me :-)

Thanks Lomography

Happy Shooting, fellas! :)

Petzval Effect on iPhone – Swirly Bokeh

Finally I got it! I’ve been experimenting lately on how to accomplish the best Swirliness out of a camera, and then I found a way to create that “Swirly Bokeh” on an iPhone!

I’m happy with the results so far.. :)

The problem is I cannot get “less” swirliness, but I manage to get “Sharpness” at the center.


**Never edited, straight out of the iPhone

Here are some of the photos I took today, at Multnomah Waterfalls:

photo 1



photo 2

photo 5

What do you think? Share your thoughts.. and I’m still experimenting :)

Happy Shooting!

Bausch & Lomb Zeiss Tessar – Lens Hack – Canon EOS

It’s been awhile since my last Lens Hack project, here I’m gonna show you my latest hack with (of course) some Photo samples of the lens (Never touched, SOOC).

I bought this old lens from ebay, out of curiosity for testing it and experimenting..

So, let’s start..

The Lens

(Using Helios 44M-4 with Canon 5D classic)





The Mount + Bellows

(I went to a carpenter and asked him to create the Adapter, it is not Screw-type, just a “push the element” in type)







Sample Shots

(SOOC, never cropped never touched, click on the image to enlarge)
f4.5, wide open








This lens hack has been listed on EBAY:

Link on Ebay

That’s all folks! :)

To place an order, shoot me an email

[Video] Photography Timeline

This animated timeline is a concise history of some of the most important events to shape photography from 1839 – 2008.

  • 5th-4th Centuries B.C.

Chinese and Greek philosophers describe the basic principles of optics and the camera.

  • 1664-1666

Isaac Newton discovers that white light is composed of different colors.

  • 1727

Johann Heinrich Schulze discovered that silver nitrate darkened upon exposure to light.

  • 1794

First Panorama opens, the forerunner of the movie house invented by Robert Barker.

  • 1814

Joseph Niepce achieves first photographic image with camera obscura – however, the image required eight hours of light exposure and later faded.

  • 1837

Louis Daguerre’s first daguerreotype – the first image that was fixed and did not fade and needed under thirty minutes of light exposure.

  • 1840

First American patent issued in photography to Alexander Wolcott for his camera.

  • 1841

William Henry Talbot patents the Calotype process – the first negative-positive process making possible the first multiple copies.

  • 1843

First advertisement with a photograph made in Philadelphia.

  • 1851

Frederick Scott Archer invented the Collodion process – images required only two or three seconds of light exposure.

  • 1859

Panoramic camera patented – the Sutton.

  • 1861

Oliver Wendell Holmes invents stereoscope viewer.

  • 1865

Photographs and photographic negatives are added to protected works under copyright.

  • 1871

Richard Leach Maddox invented the gelatin dry plate silver bromide process – negatives no longer had to be developed immediately.

  • 1880

Eastman Dry Plate Company founded.

  • 1884

George Eastman invents flexible, paper-based photographic film.

  • 1888

Eastman patents Kodak roll-film camera.

  • 1898

Reverend Hannibal Goodwin patents celluloid photographic film.

  • 1900

First mass-marketed camera—the Brownie.

  • 1913/1914

First 35mm still camera developed.

  • 1927

General Electric invents the modern flash bulb.

  • 1932

First light meter with photoelectric cell introduced.

  • 1935

Eastman Kodak markets Kodachrome film.

  • 1941

Eastman Kodak introduces Kodacolor negative film.

  • 1942

Chester Carlson receives patent for electric photography (xerography).

  • 1948

Edwin Land markets the Polaroid camera.

  • 1954

Eastman Kodak introduces high speed Tri-X film.

  • 1960

EG&G develops extreme depth underwater camera for U.S. Navy.

  • 1963

Polaroid introduces instant color film.

  • 1968

Photograph of the Earth from the moon.

  • 1973

Polaroid introduces one-step instant photography with the SX-70 camera.

  • 1977

George Eastman and Edwin Land inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

  • 1978

Konica introduces first point-and-shoot, autofocus camera.

  • 1980

Sony demonstrates first consumer camcorder.

  • 1984

Canon demonstrates first digital electronic still camera.

  • 1985

Pixar introduces digital imaging processor.

  • 1990

Eastman Kodak announces Photo CD as a digital image storage medium.

Source: About.

Simple Way to Keep Your Lenses Safe?

في رحلتي الأخيرة، في الطيّارة عطتني المُضيفة جوارب (دلاغات) كنوع من الخدمة + للتدفئة. لم أكن بحاجة لهم، فاستعملتهم كـ حماية لعدساتي! :D الصراحة عمليين 100%

On my last trip one of the Cabin Crew members gave me socks to use them, but I didn’t want them! So, I used them as a protection for my lenses! Neat :D

Thinking in a different way! :-)


Giveaway – Four Filters Size 55mm + Adapter

Heya all!

I’ve had these filters for so long, and I have never used them. So, I thought of giving them away.

I will ship locally + Internationally for you, so don’t worry. Everyone can participate. :-)

The Winner is: Ahmad Majd Congratulation!

Filters are:

  • Tiffen 812 Warming Filter – size 55mm.
  • Tiffen Circular Polarizer – size 55mm.
  • Tiffen Color Graduated Neutral Density 0.6 – size 55mm.
  • MATIN CPL 55mm Circular PL Polarizing – size 55mm.
  • Adapter Ring 58mm Lens to 55mm Filter Size.

 How to enter?

Just Tweet to this Hashtag on Twitter: #Q8iengGiveaway ****ONE TWEET PER PERSON

Share this Page to Twitter to increase your chance.

I will use TwitterDraw.com to pick a random name; He/She will be the winner! :-)


الفائز بالهديّة هو: أحمد ماجد، مبروك يا أحمد! :-)