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VSCO CAM 3.5 for iOS 8

The latest update to the wildly popular VSCO CAM camera app brings many long-requested features for mobile photographers.



The new update offers the following features, AWESOMENESS :D
  1. Exposure compensation Balance backlighting or manipulate exposure for artistic effect, even while in manual shutter or ISO mode.
  2. White balance Account for difficult lighting conditions and create a mood by controlling color temperature in every shot.
  3. Manual focus Override auto-focus to capture desired detail on any item in frame.
  4. ISO Specify your camera’s light sensitivity to control image quality.
  5. Shutter speed Adjust your shutter speed to manipulate the clarity of your subject in any light.


Tutorial for how to use these features, and shot like a pro: Click Here

Happy Shooting! :)

Exbel – App Recommendation

برنامج ممتاز لدمج الصور، وتكوين صور رائعه.. من برمجة أخونا ياسر الماجد

Craft your photos; create stunning yet amazing shapes and “double exposure” perspective – Exbel

Create something unique and mind blowing; try to be creative with this app to create astonishing results.




How to use the App:


Exbel – is available on the AppStore currently.

Price: 0.99$

Happy shooting! :)

Spin Your iPhone to Shoot 360!

افتح البرنامج، اختار On Surface واترك الآيفون يلتقط صور او فيديو بانورامي بـ 360 درجة.. لا تنسى، Vibrate يجب أن يعمل.. فكره جباره وابداعيه

Let me introduce this clever and creative app; that spins your iphone to shoot 360 photos and videos.


Their website: Cycloramic

Appstore $0.99

These are THREE free promo codes for the app, enjoy :)

Happy Shooting

TouchRetouch – App Recommendation

هل استخدمت خاصية Content Aware في الفوتوشوب؟ برنامج Retouch يعمل عمل الخاصيه السابقه، من أفضل البرامج في حذف الأجزاء الغير مرغوبه من على أي صورة قُمت بإلتقاطها.. سأتطرق لذكر أمثله وتوفير شرح لإستخدامه، نعم البرنامج مجاني.. يتوفر على الآندرويد والآيفون.

One of the best iPhone/Android apps for photo retouching; you can easily remove the undesirable parts of any photo (similar to the Content Aware in Photoshop). Brilliant!

Available on both Android and iOS.

What does it do?

– Example 1





– Example 2





How to use it?

Available on both Android and iOS.

Happy Editing! :)

Thanks @iSoarDreams for this share.

Monochromes from Italy

I’ve started a new project on Behance.net; called “Monochromes from Italy”..

Monochromes from Italy!

– Made me fall in love with Italy
– Made me fall in love with the light

Click here to view the project

 Colosseo Gates

Hope you’ll enjoy it! :-)