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The Art Of the Imperfect

حوار وإظهار أفكار رائعة من “فيل هانسين”، كيف تمكّن من فك القيود والتحوّل الى الإبداع في تحقيق ماتمنّاه!

A great speech and demonstration of ideas Phil Hansen has shared! Mind blowing and ceasing the limitation.

Inspiring and creative!

I hope you find it great; as I did :))

Artist Phil Hansen uses unique media (his torso, x-rays, a tricycle…) to create his version of meta-art, videos that document the creation process — showing that art is action, not just result.
[Note: We want you to see these talks exactly as they happened! The archive footage might be a little rougher than the usual TED.com talk.]


Unspoken Feelings!

Sometimes I feel like just sitting all alone; a laptop in front of me and I start writing. Keep writing for days, maybe weeks! Just keep writing. Some feelings cannot be spoken, they can be written only! And sometimes not even a pencil can describe what is in your heart, your true feelings! But once you start writing, you just fill the reader’s eyes with true feelings. Yes, I meant tears!

Kinda weird, but it is true! Imagine a photo can do all the writings? Yes, a single photo can do even more. Photos speak, but it is so sad that few people understand that language! The language of photos.

Sometimes I feel that when I cut a photo into halves, words are going to fall out of the photo itself!

Something is motivating me to write even more, maybe because I saw this photo below? Or maybe I have experienced something new?

"Click to on the image to get the original size"

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