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DIY – How To Build a Matchbox Pinhole Camera?

مشروع قوي للويكند – اصنع كاميرتك من علبة الكبريت (أعواد الثقاب)، راح احاول انزّل تجربتي بالمحاوله قريباً ان شاء الله..

A great found! Consider it as your Weekend project, you’ll have so much fun. I will share my results later on, hopefully :-)

You Will Need

A matchbox !

  • A new roll of 35mm film.  Any type will do, but normal colour print film 100 or 200 speed works very well
  • An empty roll of 35mm film with at least 1cm stub of film sticking out  Ask at your local photo labs, they normally throw away/recycle these.
  • Some thin cardboard ( the box the new film comes in is fine
  • An empty drinks can
  • Black PVC electricians tape
  • The plastic from a spiral binder, or any small piece of thin, curved plastic
  • A fine sewing needle or pin
  • Scissors
  • A sharp craft knife
  • A black marker pen

The rest of the guide you’ll find it here: DIY – Matchbox Pinhole Camera

Have fun + share it :-)


I did it as a project. See my results from HERE.

Aperture Photography Fundamentals

Great book to Understand Aperture more, How Digital Cameras Capture ImagesHow Digital Images Are Displayed, and Understanding Resolution.

47 pages; 4 Chapters; Size: 2.4MB


A page from the contents list:

Download Here.

Source Apple.

Updating Canon 60D to the Latest Firmware v1.1.1

A new firmware update for Canon 60D has been released on June 19th, 2012 (firmware v1.1.1). Today I felt like updating my Canon. Let me start by providing the Links of where you can download the latest firmware for your Canon 60D “Firmware v1.1.1”.

Download Latest firmware:

 Firmware v1.1.1 6/19/12


Choose the “Operating System” then click on “Firmware”, hit “EOS 60D/60Da Firmware Version 1.1.1 [Windows]” to start downloading it:

Format your memory card:

Using your Memory card reader copy the new firmware to your SD card.

Now put the SD card back to your Canon 60D, and follow the images:

Firmware Version 1.1.1 incorporates the following fixes.
1. Fixes a phenomenon where the camera's serial number
that is displayed in the shooting information of the image
does not display the correct serial number. *1)
2. Corrects errors in the Greek, Italian, and Portuguese menu screens.

*1) If the camera's serial number is 2147483648 or higher
and the camera firmware is Version 1.1.0 or earlier,
the images captured with the camera will be affected
by the phenomenon listed in 1. above.
This phenomenon only affects the EOS 60D,
and does not affect the EOS 60Da.
Both of these cameras are equipped with the same firmware.  
To obtain the serial number correctly in the
shooting information of images that are already captured
using the old firmware, we are preparing updates
for Digital Photo Professional and ZoomBrowser
EX / ImageBrowser applications.
Once the software updates are ready, we will make an announcement on our Web site.

Firmware Version 1.1.1 is for cameras with Firmware Version 1.1.0.
If the camera's firmware is already Version 1.1.1,
it is not necessary to update the firmware.

Enjoy the new firmware :-)