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Improve Your Photography With Art!

You can either improve your Photograph’s colours; or give them that vintage colour without using filters.

How does this work?

  1. Using Photoshop; Load a Classical/Vintage painting (or a photo you like) that you would like to match to.
  2. Load your Photo.
  3. Then we will do “Match Colour”


Let’s test it:

– I will load this painting:

– Loading my Photo:

– Make sure you choose “your photo” as the active layer.

– Image > Adjustments > Match Color..

– Select the other photo as the “Source”:

– Adjust the “Luminance” and “Color Intensity” as you please.

– Hit “OK”!

– My result:

Source unfocusedbrain

Jailbreak your DSLR! – Testing on my Canon 60D

Yes, I did say “Jailbreak”. It is not only for iDevices! It is for all devices that limit users to specific features. By using Magic Lantern you will be able to jailbreak your DSLR camera and get more features!

One of my friends @7mdalajmi jailbroke his Canon 50D, and guess what? IT CAN RECORD FULL HD VIDEOS 1080p @ 30fps. Here is the video he recorded using his 50D:

And today I jailbroke my Canon 60D firmware 1.1.0, to enjoy the HDR VIDEO RECORDING! Oh yeah, that is a sick feature. I will try later on the HDR video recording feature and I will write a post about it. Below you’ll find photos while jailbreaking my Canon 60D + some of Magic Lantern‘s menus.

*Photos taken by my Samsung Galaxy Note.

Currently Magic Lantern is compatible with these Cameras:

HDR video recorded by Magic Lantern:

Have a nice day, and enjoy your camera to the limit.