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Welding Glass – Long Exposure Photography

استخدم (زجاج اللحام) في تصوير Long Exposure.. نتائج رائعه + رخيص جداً، أرخص من فلاتر الـND.. سعره ما يُقارب 300 فلس كويتي، او 1.5$

بالأسفل راح تلقى أمثله + الأدوات اللي تحتاجها + بعض الارشادات + طريقة حل مشكلة اللون الأخضر.. لون زجاج اللحام أخضر، فعند التصوير ستظهر الصورة خضراء، بالموقع المذكور بالاسفل يشرحلك شلون تحل هذي المشكله بالفوتوشوب + تعطي الصورة ألوانها الأصليه..

كل المعلومات تم ذكرها على هيئة نقاط، لتسهل عليكم قراءتها :)

استمتعوا، واجازه سعيدة..

كل عام وانتم بخير

YES! Welding Glass for Long Exposure Photography.. Cheap (it costs 0.300KD, $1.5); way cheaper than 10 stops ND Filter

Let’s get started, I will list the items you need then some sample photos.. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE ‘EM

Items Needed

  • Welding Glass: Purchase it from online stores, or any welding shop next to you.
  • Two Rubber Bands: We’ll use them to mount the Welding Glass to the Lens.
  • Camera.


  • ALWAYS SHOOT IN RAW for this.
  • Find a scene with movement in it; (e.g. Waterfall, People walking)
  • Use Tripod
  • For more stability, I recommend you use your Lens Hood
  • More..




Fixing the Color Tinting

Sample Photos





Happy Shooting! :)

Your photo has been chosen!

Taking somehow a break from Photography projects, and uploading some of the photos I took during my last trip to the US!

You can check ’em out, over here.

Anyways, I received an email this early morning that one of my photos has been chosen (as a cover for a Flickr Group).


My Swirly Bokeh Photo – SOOC



That feels good! :-)

Backup Your Flickr Photos – Tools

لا أحد منّا يُحب أن تضيع أجمل لحظاته، وذكرياته.. نحنُ (كـ مصوّرين) تكمن تلك اللحظات الثمينه في الصور التي قُمنا بإلتقاطها مُسبقاً!

بعض تلك الصور يحوي دموع، وبعضها يحوي مشاعر تعايشنا معها، وبعضها يحوي لحظات سعيده على قلوبنا، بينما يحوي البعض الآخر على وحدتنا!

لذا، نُحب أن نحتفظ بتلك اللحظات بمكان آمن.. وهنا سأقوم بسرد أفضل الطرق لعمل باك أب لصوركم في حساب الفلكر

No one likes it when losing valuable memories; to us (photographers) our valuable memories reside in our photos. Those photos we have captured.

Some of those photos contain tears, others contain feelings, some contain happy moments, while others contain solitude.

We love it to keep these memories safe; so we need to back ’em up sometimes.

Here are some useful tools that will help you backing up your photos from your Flickr account:

Direct Download:

If you don’t have that huge number of photos, then you can simply download them without the need of any external app.



Popular tool to download all your photos from your Flickr. It comes as FREE and as PRO version, visit this link.


Photo Grabbr:

Free great tool, visit this link.



Free tool that uses Java, visit this link.


Other lists/apps can be found in here

Be safe; and never stop shooting :)

The Light

الإضاءه هي ما يبرز الصّور، ويزيد من حدّتها ووضوحها.. إلتقط الضوء، واجعله يعمل لصالحك :))

The way you capture the light, is the way your photos turn out to be more sharp and outstanding!

I’m featuring some of the photos which I believe they deserve the “Light” badge! They used the light appropriately.

HFF! The lost glasses edition – MarianneLoMonaco

Theme 52 – Love – IsabellAndersson

Light 12 – Vasari’s History

Seduction – David Comley

Agosto 2012 – Ramón Espelt

I was raised up believing I was somehow unique – Sara Al Ajmi

The Window Seat – maxcilla

Sunny – generalstussner

Nathalie – generalstussner

Light – DostorJ


Beautiful Lakes

Simply, Breathtaking.

Take me to there. Let me see beauty; Let me take pictures; Let me write  :-)

Light of hope by Ayie Permata Sari


Somewhere in Norway

Above Sammamish by Sparth

Lake Peyto by Gregory Boratyn

Situ Gunung Lake by ismyday

Cave Lake Melissani Greece

Wild Goose Island, Glacier National Park by Jason Persun

Everything In Its Right Place – Hallstatt in upper Austria

Obersee by Béla Török

Croatia, Plitvice Lakes

 Source: 500px.com