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DIY – Steel Wool LightPainting

A great Photography project for the upcoming weekend, I guess!




Let’s do this!

What do you need?

  1. Steel wool
  2. Whisk
  3. Flexible Wire
  4. Wire cutter
  5. Lighter
  6. Protective gloves, clothing and goggles



Step 1: Load the Wool in the Whisk


Step 2: Tie them up


Step 3: Pick the perfect location

Step 4: Set up your Camera, ignite the Wool and SPIN!


Step 5: Enjoy shooting and unleash your creativity :D

(via Photojojo, DIYPhotography and LightPainting Blog)

[DIY] Create Your Own IR Filter

الكل يعرف أن فلاتر الـIR غالية نوعاً ما. لذا، ما رأيك بفلتر IR سعره تقريباً 8 دولار أو يمكن أقل!

الأفلام Negatives مقاس 35mm او 120، التي تم تحميضها تستطيع استخدامها بسهولة كفلاتر لتمرير ضوء الانفراريد الى الكاميرا.. للمزيد من التفاصيل بإمكانك زيارة هذا الموقع.

مالذي ستحتاجه؟

1- قم بشراء فيلم من مقاس 120 (أفضل من 35mm كونه أكبر + لا يحتوي على الفتحات على أطرافه) من محل كاميرات، او من موقع ebay

2- قم بتسليم الفيلم الى البائع واطلب منه تحميضه، اذا قال لك (لازم تستخدمه عشان نقوم بتحميضه)، رد عليه (عادي، واشرحله الفكرة) :D

3- بعد التحميض اخذ الفيلم، والآن تستطيع تجربته واستخدامه كفلتر IR :)

IR filters are expensive to buy. So, How about creating your own IR filter for only $8? or even cheaper than that?

A slide of 35mm or 120 film roll can pass the Infrared Light to your camera; this can be done easily if you “Developed” an unexposed film roll.

You can read more on this by visiting Wim Wiskerke’s website.

How to get started?

  1. Go to ebay or a camera store; and buy a 120mm film roll (it will be much better than the 35mm since it is larger and doesn’t have sprocket holes).
  2. Now, give the film roll to the camera store to develop it (Tell him yes, you want that and yes, you know that the film is unexposed to light).
  3. Go back to the store, and pick-up your developed film roll; Now, you’re ready to roll. You can use it as an IR filter :-)


Keep shooting.. :)

Origami Flash Reflector

Pretty creative, yet useful.

Create your own Flash Reflector out of a white paper!

Follow the images:


Using Direct Flash – Without the Flash Reflector:

Using the Flash Reflector we made:

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Photography :)


[Project] Matchbox Pinhole Camera + Results

In the previous post I wrote about a tutorial (How to create Pinhole Camera from a Matchbox). Well, I created mine (IT FEELS AWESOME) and I tested it with “Kodak TMAX 400 35mm film”. I feel happy with the results! :-)

في التدوينة السابقة تم شرح طريقة عمل كاميرا بدائية بإستخدام علبة أعواد الثقاب (الكبريت). طبعاً ما قدرت أصبر، وبالويك اند طبّقت الدرس وصنعت كاميرتي البدائية بنفسي! شعور قوي الحمدلله، واستخدمت فيلم Kodak TMAX 400 للتجربه، النتائج بالأسفل.

The Camera:

After using the film, taking the film roll to the Darkroom:

Some of the Negatives (total of 51 exposures approx. 24x24mm) scanned using Canon MP140 at 600 dpi:

Some of the Final Resulted Photos – After Photoshop-ed:

A truly fun experiment, so sad I was on a hurry while shooting. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I was shooting holding the Pinhole Camera by my hand.

Most of the negatives have my fingers on/or they are shaky!

DIY – How To Build a Matchbox Pinhole Camera?

مشروع قوي للويكند – اصنع كاميرتك من علبة الكبريت (أعواد الثقاب)، راح احاول انزّل تجربتي بالمحاوله قريباً ان شاء الله..

A great found! Consider it as your Weekend project, you’ll have so much fun. I will share my results later on, hopefully :-)

You Will Need

A matchbox !

  • A new roll of 35mm film.  Any type will do, but normal colour print film 100 or 200 speed works very well
  • An empty roll of 35mm film with at least 1cm stub of film sticking out  Ask at your local photo labs, they normally throw away/recycle these.
  • Some thin cardboard ( the box the new film comes in is fine
  • An empty drinks can
  • Black PVC electricians tape
  • The plastic from a spiral binder, or any small piece of thin, curved plastic
  • A fine sewing needle or pin
  • Scissors
  • A sharp craft knife
  • A black marker pen

The rest of the guide you’ll find it here: DIY – Matchbox Pinhole Camera

Have fun + share it :-)


I did it as a project. See my results from HERE.