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Portrait Photography Crop Guide

Portrait Photography Crop Guide – For those who are new and so they won’t make common mistakes..




Happy Shooting :-)

Extreme Closeups – iPhone 4S

Testing out the sharpness and clarity of the new iPhone 4S lens with these extreme macro shots. Each shot has been blown up to 100% so you can see the detail. I am amazed at the amount of detail that is preserved in these shots.

To get the sharpest macro shots I used Camera+’s Touch Focus and Touch Exposure to get the best exposure possible and minimize shadows. I also used the Gymbl Pro Tripod to steady the iPhone and used Camera+’s stabilizer shooting mode so that the iPhone would only take a shot when the iPhone was steady to avoid camera shake.

Rainy lock

Rainy lock at 100%


Buckle at 100%

Green Leaves

Green Leaves at 100%


My Own Shots

Origami Flower


Origami Flower at 100%

Mini Cooper Key at 100%

You can view my Instagram profile and see some macro shots I’ve taken with iPhone 4S.

Over here: Q8ieng’s Profile

Shoot macro without lenses :)