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Imagination Won’t Hurt!

Heya everyone! Hope everyone is OK!

So, I’m kinda feeling lazy to do anything.. So much work and projects running and taking my whole time.

Beside, it is Ramadan..

Anyways, you can always mix your photos with some Imagination using the Photoshop, so much fun!





I’m obsessed with Dragons..

Unspoken Feelings!

Sometimes I feel like just sitting all alone; a laptop in front of me and I start writing. Keep writing for days, maybe weeks! Just keep writing. Some feelings cannot be spoken, they can be written only! And sometimes not even a pencil can describe what is in your heart, your true feelings! But once you start writing, you just fill the reader’s eyes with true feelings. Yes, I meant tears!

Kinda weird, but it is true! Imagine a photo can do all the writings? Yes, a single photo can do even more. Photos speak, but it is so sad that few people understand that language! The language of photos.

Sometimes I feel that when I cut a photo into halves, words are going to fall out of the photo itself!

Something is motivating me to write even more, maybe because I saw this photo below? Or maybe I have experienced something new?

"Click to on the image to get the original size"

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