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“Color Thief” – App Recommendation

برنامج “Color Thief” أحد أفضل البرامج في تعديل ألوان الصور، عندك صورة عاجبتك ألوانها؟ تبي تنقل ألوانها لصورة جديدة؟ هذا البرنامج ينقل الألوان من صورة الى آخرى ببساطه تامه..

سعره تقريباً 2$

Color thief app; it is one of the best color manipulating app I have ever used, hands down! It takes the color palate from an image and applies it to another. No adjustment needed!

Costs $1.99

Color Transfer Tool

photo 1

photo 2


راح نوفّر كودين للبرنامج – هديّه – ماعليك سوى أن تقوم بعمل الآتي:

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We’ll give two promo codes for this app as a giveaway; what do you need is to do the following:

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Happy shooting :-)

Improve Your Photography With Art!

You can either improve your Photograph’s colours; or give them that vintage colour without using filters.

How does this work?

  1. Using Photoshop; Load a Classical/Vintage painting (or a photo you like) that you would like to match to.
  2. Load your Photo.
  3. Then we will do “Match Colour”


Let’s test it:

– I will load this painting:

– Loading my Photo:

– Make sure you choose “your photo” as the active layer.

– Image > Adjustments > Match Color..

– Select the other photo as the “Source”:

– Adjust the “Luminance” and “Color Intensity” as you please.

– Hit “OK”!

– My result:

Source unfocusedbrain