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The Light

الإضاءه هي ما يبرز الصّور، ويزيد من حدّتها ووضوحها.. إلتقط الضوء، واجعله يعمل لصالحك :))

The way you capture the light, is the way your photos turn out to be more sharp and outstanding!

I’m featuring some of the photos which I believe they deserve the “Light” badge! They used the light appropriately.

HFF! The lost glasses edition – MarianneLoMonaco

Theme 52 – Love – IsabellAndersson

Light 12 – Vasari’s History

Seduction – David Comley

Agosto 2012 – Ramón Espelt

I was raised up believing I was somehow unique – Sara Al Ajmi

The Window Seat – maxcilla

Sunny – generalstussner

Nathalie – generalstussner

Light – DostorJ


Aperture Photography Fundamentals

Great book to Understand Aperture more, How Digital Cameras Capture ImagesHow Digital Images Are Displayed, and Understanding Resolution.

47 pages; 4 Chapters; Size: 2.4MB


A page from the contents list:

Download Here.

Source Apple.