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Photosynth vs. AutoStitch – App Recommendation

I have been using Photosynth for so long; I fell in love with it! Suddenly, AutoStitch came in and stole my heart.

Here is a comparison between these two great apps.


Sample 1



Cropped at 100%




Sample 2


Cropped at 100%




Sample 1


Cropped at 100%



Sample 2


Cropped at 100%


Update 30/12/2012

From the Panoramas above, Autostitch is FAR better than Photosynth in Quality; BUT so sad Autostitch limits you to 40 photos, while Photosynth doesn’t give you that limit. So for creating Tiny Planets, you need more than 40 photos for a 360-View, hence, I recommend Photosynth in that case.

Here is my Profile in Photosynth website, to see other Panoramas I shot during my travels:

Q8ieng Photosynth Profile

Here is a Panorama that I shot earlier this morning, using AutoStitch:

Over here

Happy shooting! :)

Create Wonderful Panoramas

Have you ever wondered what is the best photo stitching software for making panoramas?

Well, today I’m gonna mention some of the best tools that I’ve tried before. Some of them really easy to use (straight forward), others need extra few minutes to end up with the best results.

  1. Hugin one of the best “Panorama photo stitcher” as I see it, it is FREE open source! How cool is that? It has many capabilities that will blow your mind. How about you pass to their tutorial sectionand see what this software can really do?


  2. AutoStitch a great free tool, it doesn’t need too much time just few clicks and you got it. You just need to Create a folder that contains all photos to be stitched, Open AutoStitch, Choose that folder and BAM! You have a panorama.


  3. Clevran online free photo stitch tool. An easy way to make panoramas and share them with other friends.


  4. Photoshop CS5if you are lazy enough to try different photo stitching tools, then go for the CS5. Simply, load the images then the Photoshop will do the rest.

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