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Make Your Subject Stand Out Using Blur

It’s been awhile since my last time I wrote something.. I’m busy currently with a lot of things.. Hopefully, good things are coming eventually :)

Anyways, here is a tutorial – Photoshop – How to make a subject Stand out using Blur!

Selective Focus

Happy shooting and Editing :)

How Powerful is “Content Aware” In Photoshop CS6?

To be honest, I have never thought that Photoshop can go that far. Totally amazing, every time I work on it, I find that it is getting cleverer than before!


Watch this whole process of “Filling” the missing part of the photo above!

It is great for fixing your Panoramas after you had stitched them:

How powerful is "Content Aware"? – Photoshop CS6

Another use for this feature: (Move-tool)

Photoshop CS6: Content-Aware Move Tool | IceflowStudios

Enjoy :)

“JustResizeIt!” Resize Your Images with Drag-and-Drop

As a photographer I deal with tons of photos that I have taken during my travels. Sometimes I find it difficult to resize images one by one, which is waste of time!

I have tried the Photoshop patch processing to resize, but nah.. The app I’m going to show you now is much better, simpler and easier!

It is called JustResizeIt! completely free and neat.

1. Drag and drop one or more images into JustResizeIt!,

2. wait a few seconds, and

3. drag and drop resized images into an e-mail, an office document, or a folder.

Download it from Here.

Have fun processing your photos :-)

Tutorial “Tilt-Shift” (Miniature Faking) Photography..

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make “tilt-shift” (Miniature Faking) Photography..

Q: First of all, What do I meant of “tilt-Shift” (Miniature Faking)?

A: Tilt-shift photography


Starting the Tutorial:

You can do this effect (Miniature Faking) either by Photoshop, or by using a Website “tilt-shift maker” or by using a plug-in that can be installed in “Adobe Air”.

  1. Using Photoshop: See this Tutorial.
  2. Using a Website: Click here, to upload your photo to the website and it’ll make “tilt-shift” affect to it.
  3. Using a tool (plug-in) that should be installed on “Adobe Air”: Download the tool, click here.

Hope this is so clear for you, and Happy to hear your comments :)