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Take A Photo

الفكرة من هذه التجربة، هي وضع كاميرا في مكان عام، وبعدها معرفة كيف تفاعل الناس معها، وماهي الصّور التي قاموا بإلتقاطها.. رائعة

The concept of this social experiment was simple. Leave a disposable camera in public and see how people reacted and/or used it. These are our results. Everyone has a different perspective.

Feel free to try this idea out yourself!


Keep shooting, it is always good to keep a memory :)

Double Exposure Portraits

Great found! Creativity and Photography when they go together; they strike the observers with beauty!

The images shown were all created “in camera”.
Post production work consisted of a change in tone,
the removal of odd blemishes & the addition of some vector.
All feedback welcome.
Thank you!



The View Down Dragon Falls, Venezuela

منظر من أعلى شلالات التنين، في فينزويلا.. ودّك تصرّخ “ياربااااااااه” سبحان الله

The View Down Dragon Falls, Venezuela.


Simple Way to Keep Your Lenses Safe?

في رحلتي الأخيرة، في الطيّارة عطتني المُضيفة جوارب (دلاغات) كنوع من الخدمة + للتدفئة. لم أكن بحاجة لهم، فاستعملتهم كـ حماية لعدساتي! :D الصراحة عمليين 100%

On my last trip one of the Cabin Crew members gave me socks to use them, but I didn’t want them! So, I used them as a protection for my lenses! Neat :D

Thinking in a different way! :-)


Message in a Bottle!

Have you ever heard of a man who woke up one day lost on an isolated island? He kept thinking how he ended up on this miserable island where there were no humans or animals, only plants everywhere. He then remembered that he was on a cruise ship. Suddenly, the ship hit a huge rock and got wrecked; the ocean waves carried him to this island.

I‘m not trying to tell a story, I’m certain that I’m not a good story teller. That man started wandering around the island with the hope he might find a creature. After he had almost given up on the island, he built a camp on the shore, started a fire and he waited holding onto hope; a hope that maybe one day a ship, plane or even a message in a bottle might land on the shore!

That scenario I created up there is how I see “Creativity”. That man was me, and what he waited for on the shore was “Creativity”!

To me “Creativity” comes at no specific time. Sometimes it comes just immediately after figuring out what the problem is, and you go: “KA-BOOM I got the solution, the best solution for this specific problem”; but sometimes I keep waiting and thinking for a better solution *a creative one* and I know that I need to wait even more for that creative solution to just land on my lap!

Just like the man on that island after he had lost hope with the island (simpler solution), he started waiting on the shore for at least a message in a bottle (creative solution) without losing hope in that.

You cannot force creativity to show up in every single situation. Sometimes it comes immediately and serves you well; sometimes you just keep waiting.

 – reviewed by my cousin Mishari Al-Dhafeeri