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It’s been awhile..

I can’t believe it’s been a year, out! I’ve got lots of things going, and that’s why I haven’t posted any post in here..

I do hope you guys found that the older posts are helpful, and I do hope I could post more photography stuffs in the upcoming days..

“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” 🌅🍃

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for the meanwhile, enjoy my photo gallery in here:

Keep shooting! :)

Featured on 500px Blog!

استغربت في الأيام القليله الماضيه وحالياً بزيارات كبيره على صُوري في موقع 500px بحثت في قوقل لعلّي أجد السبب،

ولاحظت أن مُدوّنة 500px قامت بنشر صورتين من صُوري التي التقطتها بالآيفون.. سُعدتُ بحق، الحمدلله :)

التويته (في الاسفل) قاموا بكتابتها عن تصوير المحمول Phone Photography واختاروا أفضل الصور..

في الأسفل ستجدون البرامج التي أستخدمها في تصوير الآيفون، والصور التي اختاروها في تدوينتهم!

شكراً 500px وشكراً لكم على الدعم بـ تعليقاتكم ورسائلكم :)

These days I noticed an increased number in “Likes” in my 500px profile; I went to google and searched..

Well, I found that “500px Blog” posted a blog “Discover: Phone Photography

and they posted two of my photos. That made my day :)



My featured photos are:

I use for my Phone Photography:

Thanks 500px; and thank you guys for the support you showed through likes/comments.. :)

Catch me on Behance – 500px!

Few days ago I made up my mind, and I signed up for “Behance.net”. I was bit lazy to be honest, but I got the motivation (finally) to join and share my photography projects that I have worked on or the ones that I’m working on.

And now you can find my Photography on both Flickr and 500px.

So.. Join me :-)

  • Behance – Q8ieng
  • 500px – Q8ieng


Have a good one; and Happy Shooting! :)

Beautiful Lakes

Simply, Breathtaking.

Take me to there. Let me see beauty; Let me take pictures; Let me write  :-)

Light of hope by Ayie Permata Sari


Somewhere in Norway

Above Sammamish by Sparth

Lake Peyto by Gregory Boratyn

Situ Gunung Lake by ismyday

Cave Lake Melissani Greece

Wild Goose Island, Glacier National Park by Jason Persun

Everything In Its Right Place – Hallstatt in upper Austria

Obersee by Béla Török

Croatia, Plitvice Lakes

 Source: 500px.com