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Aspect Ratio – Samples

After I had received my Canon 60D from Canon Servicing, I went to adjust the settings; just getting everything back to what I used to use. I went through “Aspect Ratio” option.

It has 4 different Aspect Ratios:

  • 3:2
  • 4:3
  • 16:9
  • 1:1

So, I thought of a new project that I am going to start soon. The project will be “Full Day At 1:1” or “1:1 Aspect Ratio”.

For now, I’m going to provide some samples and I will explain the 4 different ratios, briefly. You might get enthusiastic about starting similar project! :-)

– Aspect Ration 3:2 it is the standard sensor that All cameras have, which is the same as 35mm film; sample:

– Aspect Ration 4:3 images will be cropped little from the width; “standard definition” video (your regular non-HD, non-widescreen TV); sample:

– Aspect Ration 16:9 this is the ratio of widescreen/HD; sample:

– Aspect Ration 1:1 square photos; sample:

I hope I will get the time to start the Project with square photos using Aspect Ratio 1:1. Will be fun :-)

Record Video – Canon 40D/450D…

While I was looking for a tutorial to fix my Canon 450D shutter speed and to adjust it, I found this project!

Here is the thing. You can record video on your EOS Camera, only if you have “LiveView” feature on your EOS camera.

This project is called “EOS Camera Movie Record“.

Simply, plug your camera to your Laptop/PC, start the software and start recording!

This software writes short movies with your digital DSLR camera Canon (R) directly to computer. The camera must have LiveView feature to work, like in Canon EOS 450D for example. The Program has preview, Av, Tv and WB control.

To Download and to read more about this software: Visit the project website

Recorded video using 450D:

Enjoy :-)

Zeiss Ikon Cocarette (Contessa-Nettel 1926) Hacked for Canon DSLR

Well.. I’ve had this Zeiss Ikon Cocarette (Contessa-Nettel 1926) folding camera for months. I took it to the darkroom 1 or 2 times, then I figured out that I can hack it to my Canon and use it as a Lens.. WOW! Results blow my mind.

I don’t need to go to the darkroom anymore! I’ve extended the life of this folding camera to the digital world ;d

It feels just great when you change a historic piece into something new.. IT IS ALIVE!!


f/6.3 – ISO 320 – 0.8 seconds

f/6.3 – ISO 160 – 1/200

f/6.3 – ISO 160 – 1/400

f/6.3 – ISO 160 – 3.2 seconds (Cropped, Trying to shoot the steam at long exposure!)

Insanely sharp! Great details.

Video recording:

I accept Orders, contact me through the Contact Form.



Jailbreak your DSLR! – Testing on my Canon 60D

Yes, I did say “Jailbreak”. It is not only for iDevices! It is for all devices that limit users to specific features. By using Magic Lantern you will be able to jailbreak your DSLR camera and get more features!

One of my friends @7mdalajmi jailbroke his Canon 50D, and guess what? IT CAN RECORD FULL HD VIDEOS 1080p @ 30fps. Here is the video he recorded using his 50D:

And today I jailbroke my Canon 60D firmware 1.1.0, to enjoy the HDR VIDEO RECORDING! Oh yeah, that is a sick feature. I will try later on the HDR video recording feature and I will write a post about it. Below you’ll find photos while jailbreaking my Canon 60D + some of Magic Lantern‘s menus.

*Photos taken by my Samsung Galaxy Note.

Currently Magic Lantern is compatible with these Cameras:

HDR video recorded by Magic Lantern:

Have a nice day, and enjoy your camera to the limit.



An Old Camera as a Lens for Canon 5D Mark II!

When we talk about Creativity, we talk about something unique, something brilliant, something that blows your mind!

A Photographer Jason Bognacki who attached Piccolette Contessa-Nettel (1919) folding camera to his 5D Mark II. The idea is BRILLIANT, and the results were MAGNIFICENT!


For more results + info, visit his blog post.