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Shadows & Shades Make Magnificent Shapes!

Having a lunch while sitting in place where shadows, shades and lovely sun rays exist will definitely make my day!

From all those shadows and shades I saw, a specific place caught my eyes it formed a lovely shape! I smiled and felt relieved once I saw it, totally overwhelming!

I took this photo! What do you think?
I wished for a Pianist at that place..

– Posted by Samsung Galaxy Note

Shadows and Shades make magnificent Shapes!

New Layout, New Updates!

Once I started Photography I thought of creating a photo-blog where I can share my photos with the whole world. I started by using “YAPB plugin” for wordpress for almost 3 years! Even though it was awesome for photo-blogging; it was bad in some other ways (e.g. doesn’t support blog posts, lack of themes, somehow hard to modify).

Then a friend on Twitter shared a free theme created by Photographic Blog that is based on HTML5, and it works for either blogging a photo or a post! I was really happy for this found!

So, on March, 5th I started implementing this theme on my wordpress. It took so much time, because I needed to delete old photo-posts that “YAPB plugin” created, and re-uploading the photos to be used in this brand new theme.

Now it is going to be easy for you to view either my Photostream or my Blog :)