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“JustResizeIt!” Resize Your Images with Drag-and-Drop

As a photographer I deal with tons of photos that I have taken during my travels. Sometimes I find it difficult to resize images one by one, which is waste of time!

I have tried the Photoshop patch processing to resize, but nah.. The app I’m going to show you now is much better, simpler and easier!

It is called JustResizeIt! completely free and neat.

1. Drag and drop one or more images into JustResizeIt!,

2. wait a few seconds, and

3. drag and drop resized images into an e-mail, an office document, or a folder.

Download it from Here.

Have fun processing your photos :-)

Create Wonderful Panoramas

Have you ever wondered what is the best photo stitching software for making panoramas?

Well, today I’m gonna mention some of the best tools that I’ve tried before. Some of them really easy to use (straight forward), others need extra few minutes to end up with the best results.

  1. Hugin one of the best “Panorama photo stitcher” as I see it, it is FREE open source! How cool is that? It has many capabilities that will blow your mind. How about you pass to their tutorial sectionand see what this software can really do?


  2. AutoStitch a great free tool, it doesn’t need too much time just few clicks and you got it. You just need to Create a folder that contains all photos to be stitched, Open AutoStitch, Choose that folder and BAM! You have a panorama.


  3. Clevran online free photo stitch tool. An easy way to make panoramas and share them with other friends.


  4. Photoshop CS5if you are lazy enough to try different photo stitching tools, then go for the CS5. Simply, load the images then the Photoshop will do the rest.

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Tutorial “Cartoon Effect” for your Photos..

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to change your photos to look like a cartoon!

Video on Youtube:

Hope this is so clear for you, and Happy to hear your comments :)


Tutorial “Tilt-Shift” (Miniature Faking) Photography..

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make “tilt-shift” (Miniature Faking) Photography..

Q: First of all, What do I meant of “tilt-Shift” (Miniature Faking)?

A: Tilt-shift photography


Starting the Tutorial:

You can do this effect (Miniature Faking) either by Photoshop, or by using a Website “tilt-shift maker” or by using a plug-in that can be installed in “Adobe Air”.

  1. Using Photoshop: See this Tutorial.
  2. Using a Website: Click here, to upload your photo to the website and it’ll make “tilt-shift” affect to it.
  3. Using a tool (plug-in) that should be installed on “Adobe Air”: Download the tool, click here.

Hope this is so clear for you, and Happy to hear your comments :)