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Reflections – Hipstamatic!

Hipstamatic. What a great app for taking photos, available on the appstore. It offers you variety of lenses, films, and flashes to choose from to build your own camera and start shooting.

I got inspired these days by “reflections” and the “light”; to be honest Hipstamatic helped me in achieving my thoughts!

Missing The Family; Missing Home!

Underwater, maybe?

TV? No, it is not.

Reflectionless Tower!

Part of my city is Part of me

I was there!

Infinity symbol?!

Ice Age?

Behind every single photo there is a soul, you see me?


[Infographic] Android vs iOS

As a developer, usually people ask me what is the difference between “Android” and “iOS”?

OR What is the best smartphone “Android” or “iOS”?

Well, these two Infographics explain that briefly :-)

1- Infographic by hunch:

2- Infographic by Vera Code: