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[Infographic] What Type of Camera Should I Get?

Many people keep asking me this question “What Type of Camera Should I Get?”. Well, this Infographic, which I found on Pinterest, answers you wisely.

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Project – Parts Of Scotland in 360 View!

My last vacation was to spend 10 days in UK, 8 of them in Scotland.

I thought of starting a project that I shoot 360 view for things I loved in Scotland; to be honest I loved everything! Sadly, I didn’t make too many 3D’s.

Anyways, you can visit my profile on Photosynth to view all 360 views:

كانت رحلتي الأخيرة إلى سكوتلاندا – قررت أصوّر صور بانوراميّة (بزاوية 360 درجة) لأفضل المناظر التي شاهدتها، سواء كانت معمارية او طبيعية!

بملفي الشخصي في موقع Photosynth ستجدون الصور كاملة، للأسف لم ألتقط الكثير. لكن أتمنى أن تعجبكم :-)

Enjoy :-)
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Add/Modify “Exif Data” Of iOS Pictures

Have you ever wanted to modify the Exif-Data (Exif-Info) of your photos before sharing them?

Like changing the “Description, Artist name, Resolution, GPS Location…etc”

Simply by downloading “PhotoExif” from Cydia, you’ll be able to do all the changes you prefer.

Your iDevice must be Jailbroken.

A video showing how to using the Tweak:

Screen Shots:

Reflections – Hipstamatic!

Hipstamatic. What a great app for taking photos, available on the appstore. It offers you variety of lenses, films, and flashes to choose from to build your own camera and start shooting.

I got inspired these days by “reflections” and the “light”; to be honest Hipstamatic helped me in achieving my thoughts!

Missing The Family; Missing Home!

Underwater, maybe?

TV? No, it is not.

Reflectionless Tower!

Part of my city is Part of me

I was there!

Infinity symbol?!

Ice Age?

Behind every single photo there is a soul, you see me?


[Infographic] Android vs iOS

As a developer, usually people ask me what is the difference between “Android” and “iOS”?

OR What is the best smartphone “Android” or “iOS”?

Well, these two Infographics explain that briefly :-)

1- Infographic by hunch:

2- Infographic by Vera Code: