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Photography apps that I use and recommend for photographers; Android/or iDevices.

Create Stunning Tiny Planets Using Your iPhone/Android – App Recommendation

In the past few weeks, I had the time to experience (TinyPlanet) app for the iPhone. After many tests, I finally came into great results and I found out (the secret) on how to end up with stunning results.

What you need?

1- Photosynth app (or any other app that allows you to create Panoramas; the new iOS6 allows you to create Panorama using the camera app).

2- Tiny Planet app.

3- Breathtaking views (beautiful places).

4- Android users use: Tiny Planet FX

Let’s roll:

1- Using Photosynth; create a 360 view (or a simple Panorama), example:

2- After Cropping:

3- Open Tiny Planet app, load the image and wait for the magic:

My other tiny planets:

Have fun, Start creating your own little planets! :)

Multiple Exposure – Hipstamatic – App Recommendation

Double exposures using Hipstamatic? Yes, you can. Marvelous results; you’ll get too.

The new update of Hipstamatic features Multiple Exposures pack.

At last I got the time to test this new feature out.

– Here is the “Multiple Exposure Manual” by Hipstamatic:

– Here are some of my attempts:

Me Glasses..

“A story of two lovers; they got old together; they saw the life together; they lived a love story! A life..”

Wonderful world..

 – Double Exposures taken by others:

by @iSoarDreams

Osprey flight – by @BillPutnamPhoto

by @csttsn

The carpet of Turin by @geoffmatheson

Hope you enjoyed! Start shooting Multiple Exposure and be creative! :))