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Instagram Straighten Tool Reduces Quality

Hey fella Photographers!

I noticed today while uploading a photo to my Instagram profile, that the Straighten tool in Instagram REDUCES the image quality. So, if you care about your photos then try to use different Straighten tool until they fix this issue.


Without Straighten – Original (Notice the trees)


With Straighten – 0.3 (Notice the trees – Blurry)


Happy shooting :)

Resize Multiple Images In One Step

It’s been awhile since I have posted something, anyways, here is a program that I RECOMMEND to resize multiple Images by simple Drag-and-Drop then BOOM!

Step 1:

– Download the Program “Fast Image Resizer (Windows/Mac)

Step 2:

Open the program


Step 3:

Customize the settings, if needed

The input pictures can be JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG or HD Photo (.wdp, .hdp) format. The resized output files will be JPG.


Step 4:

Drag you files to the Square, and wait few seconds..



Happy Shooting :)

Make Your Subject Stand Out Using Blur

It’s been awhile since my last time I wrote something.. I’m busy currently with a lot of things.. Hopefully, good things are coming eventually :)

Anyways, here is a tutorial – Photoshop – How to make a subject Stand out using Blur!

Selective Focus

Happy shooting and Editing :)

Great Techniques for Masking – Photoshop

I found this great video (by Glyn Dewis) that Demonstrates how to use Mask/Delete background/Add New Sky..

I loved how he used “Color Range..”; pretty awesome.

So, thought of sharing it!

How to easily add in a new sky in picture where there are trees with tiny leaves and branches using Color Range, Channels, Layer Styles and Blend Modes.

Enjoy :)

Imagination Won’t Hurt!

Heya everyone! Hope everyone is OK!

So, I’m kinda feeling lazy to do anything.. So much work and projects running and taking my whole time.

Beside, it is Ramadan..

Anyways, you can always mix your photos with some Imagination using the Photoshop, so much fun!





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