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Sometimes people become creative; here I share all lovely creative creations I see.

Stunningly Bizarre Cameras

Creativity has no limit; especially for those who use their imagination to create their own gadgets!

Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs have created some of the strangest cameras you may ever see. It’s all part of their irreverent take on photography’s conventions in As Long As It Photographs, It Must Be a Camera

Click on the images to enlarge.

Turtle Camera



Windows Exposure!

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The Art Of the Imperfect

حوار وإظهار أفكار رائعة من “فيل هانسين”، كيف تمكّن من فك القيود والتحوّل الى الإبداع في تحقيق ماتمنّاه!

A great speech and demonstration of ideas Phil Hansen has shared! Mind blowing and ceasing the limitation.

Inspiring and creative!

I hope you find it great; as I did :))

Artist Phil Hansen uses unique media (his torso, x-rays, a tricycle…) to create his version of meta-art, videos that document the creation process — showing that art is action, not just result.
[Note: We want you to see these talks exactly as they happened! The archive footage might be a little rougher than the usual talk.]


Double Exposure Portraits

Great found! Creativity and Photography when they go together; they strike the observers with beauty!

The images shown were all created “in camera”.
Post production work consisted of a change in tone,
the removal of odd blemishes & the addition of some vector.
All feedback welcome.
Thank you!



Extraordinary – How Does It Look Like Inside A Musical Instrument?

These ads by Bjoern Ewers for the Berlin Philharmonic show the insides of orchestral instruments in such a way as to make it seem like we are standing in spacious halls (or in the case of the flute, a spectacular tunnel).

Macro photos of the inside of musical instruments.

Fantastic work.


I found this piece of art while viewing the newest exhibition reconstrucion (the art collective EvokeOne).

This art piece speaks for itself. (click on the image for original size)

reconstrucción by Mulholland Kierin