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Sometimes people become creative; here I share all lovely creative creations I see.

Day and Night Pictures by Stephen Wilkes

Day and Night in one picture.. Beautiful and I love it.

even though it is an old video, it is always good to share the good things..

Day and Night Pictures by Stephen Wilkes

Happy Shooting! :)

Creativity Kills Boredom

ألإبداع هو أفضل حل للملل! أحد المصورين الغير معروفين قام بتصوير أشخاص (من خلال تنقلاته في القطارات) باقتصاص صورة أحد الشخصيات من الجرايد، وتركيبها على أجسادهم!

Creativity = the best solution for boredom.

The Queen at a bus stop and Mo Farah on the Tube: Commuter livens up boring journeys by taking photographs of people spliced with newspapers





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